Charlie Milz Hair & Beauty – A Premium Salon

Posted on 28 February 2024

Premium Hairdresser and Beautician in Stowmarket

More than just a salon, Charlie Milz Hair & Beauty puts you first. With service above profit, we go the extra mile to ensure you are treated like a person, not a pound sign. Each visit is complete with elevated experiences, a relaxed environment and a comprehensive treatment list tailored to your needs. An unforgettable visit, every time.

When it comes to hair, we really invest in getting it right. Our extensive hair treatments and services are made bespoke to your wants and needs making us the leading luxury grooming lounge in Stowmarket. If you’re frustrated by salon farms treating every haircut the same, step into Charlie Milz Hair & Beauty where each visit is crafted with unique elements and superior service.

You deserve to look and feel your best and our beauty treatments are designed for you to feel that way. Our services are uniquely flexible offering unrivalled quality with the goal of helping you feel more confident. Join us at our exclusive beauty salon, offering best-in-class services.

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    54 Stowupland Road, Stowmarket



    01449 674735