Earth & Planet Vibrations – Gong Sound Baths 

Posted on 28 May 2024

Let’s gather together and immerse ourselves in the soothing vibrations of Paiste Gongs, Tibetan & crystal bowls. The session will begin with a welcome and general discussion about what to expect from your time with me. Once you are comfortable, we’ll begin with a general relaxation before I gently guide you into a meditation.

The gongs will then begin. You will experience the sounds and vibrations of three German Paiste Gongs- Scenic Creation Earth, Moon (Sidereal) and Mars.. You will also hear further percussive sounds and empathic instruments including singing bowls within the soundscape.

At the end of the sound session, there will be a very important Shunyata- a short period of reflective silence.

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    Based in Clacton-on-sea


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