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Posted on 20 May 2024

Do you have a Barking, lunging, over aroused, fearful or anxious dog ? Or do you simply want to set your dog up to be less likely to encounter these struggles?

Dogs can struggle with their emotions and feelings like humans do. Many behavioural problems and struggles can stem from this as a result. Our specialty at Lockes Dogs is helping anxious dogs become well-rounded, confident, and happy individuals.

We are proud of our Fun Not Fear® philosophy, games & reward based techniques, and we never use aversive methods or equipment.Our online “Fun Not Fear®️ Club” is where you can get help for you anxious or aggressive dogs – or simply learn how to teach your dogs to navigate the world with confidence from the very beginning!

Our 121 dog behaviour business “Locke’s Dogs” From teaching them the foundations of a Fun Not Fear® life (to help stop problems from ever starting), to turning around aggression, over-arousal, phobias, and fearful behaviours, we make it so that your dog can have an even more amazing life with you.

I have helped thousands of dogs with behavioural struggles, and have written a book  The Fun Not Fear®️ Club which is available on Amazon in all formats., have an online school, give 121 support in person and even appear on BBC Radio Cambridge to give phone-in advice to listeners! Your dogs are my passion.

I have a free Facebook Group for people to join to get advice about their dogs.

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