Noopsiedaisy Beauty – Psychic Beauty Therapist and Healer

Posted on 24 April 2024

Introducing the one of a kind clairvoyant, empath and all round spiritual healer -me! In my years of practicing what I now see as a gift ( I didn’t when I was a child ) I have developed a diverse range of spiritual abilities that will cater to all of your needs.

I have the ability to see, feel and hear spirit and have foreseen many things before they have happened. Whilst that hasn’t always been pleasant it has always been eye-opening

My keen sense of perception also extends to reading rooms and empathising with people who aren’t feeling their best. I can pick up on pain, when someone I’d in distress and also have the ability to heal in person and afar. As far as Australia, so literally the other side of the world. My healing hands will detect hot spots in person and my sight will see shadows from a distance.

Cleansing chakras is another area of expertise for me and I ensure that the alignment of your body and soul is in sync and functioning the way it should.

Not only that but through tarot I can give insight and guidance to your life’s questions.

I use all of this in my role of beauty therapist offering treatments such as Swedish massage, manis/pedis, and biab.

Come to me to for a spiritual experience tailored to you.

Trust me you’ll soon know why my name comes up in conversation for all the right reasons.

Book your appointment now to see how I can help you. You will not be disappointed.

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