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Posted on 18 April 2024

We are Paw Prints Suffolk and we LOVE dogs – like seriously, it’s embarrassing! Everyone says you should get a job in what you love so it doesn’t feel like you’re working and that’s exactly what we decided to do when setting up Paw Prints Suffolk. Your pooches happiness is at the fore-front of what we do, which in turn, means your happiness too! 

In Suffolk we have so much beautiful countryside to explore and what better way to show your dog how deeply they are loved than by treating them to their own adventures with friends? We offer a range of services, so we can find what best suits you and your four-legged family members. Every dog has its own little niches and loves; whether that’s a ball, treats or sniffing every inch of every step they take – and we want to make sure we include these idiosyncrasies into their walks with us! 

Dog Walking

Our walks range from 30-60 minutes in a group or solo walk. Group walks aren’t for every dog, so we offer a free of charge Meet and Greet beforehand so we can meet your four legged friend and discuss the options we have!

At-home sitting

Keeping dogs happy whilst you’re enjoying time away is one of our favorite jobs in the world. We keep your pup comfortable in their own homes and surroundings, sticking to their routines! This is to ensure that we provide them with similar environments to the ones you already set up so they have just as much of a good time as you do!

Monthly Beach Explorers

Some dogs LOVE the beach so let us take it from here! Once a month we venture out to the wet and sandy coast for all things dig, sniff and play! 

Running from September – April

Drop-in Visits

Pooch a little too old for longer walks or a bit of a home body, or too young to be out exploring yet? We’ve got you covered. Drop-in visits provide toilet breaks and games to keep your dog busy whilst you work! 

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