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Posted on 15 February 2024

Penny Morgan –

Now living in the heart of Suffolk, I originally trained as a graphic designer. During time as a student, the course included a photography module which I loved for its creative liberation. In 2007 my opportunity presented itself and after training with the Norwich School of Photography, carved my route forward as a professional photographer.

Quickly developing an easy rapport with people – mix this with a skill in design and an interest in how we communicate, enables me to capture great images. Fascinated how photography affects the way we view an image, ourselves, or, a moment in time.

Over the years an enthusiastic participation in many forms of dance, theatre choreography, children’s theatre, set design… oh and a pinch of the ‘travel bug’, adds to my ability and knowledge as a photographer.

As I help others through my work, I love how it teaches me in return. Therefore the work constantly grows and evolves.

THE WORK – it’s a lot about communication! I’m either observing, or capturing it.
I communicate well with my subject and get it back in the images for them.

PERSONAL: Anyone, in the family genre can be photographed. Specialising to help those not so comfortable in front of a camera lens… there’s something pretty great to capture about all of us.

EQUESTRIAN: I was that horse mad child! With a background of training in the Equestrian world, bring this knowledge and my photography skill together. Adore hearing the stories about horse and rider.

COMMERCIAL: It’s important, for people at work to come across as the friendly and approachable individuals or group, they are. There are some great photographs to be captured in a commercial environment that will give you just that.

WEDDINGS: Recording the story of your special day in pictures and capture the love you share with your friends, family and of course each other. My approach is to tailor the service to suit you and your budget, so please get in touch and find out how I can help.

PERFORMANCE: Having had much dance and theatre experience in past years, it’s a pleasure to photograph people giving their best on stage, whether a rehearsal or live performance.

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