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Posted on 28 April 2024

It can be confusing and frustrating finding an in-home tutor for your child. You’re looking for someone with a number of different qualifications, someone that is knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, and flexible. But most of all, you’re looking for a tutor that can meet your child where they are, to get them where they need to go. To empower your child and to build their confidence in academics and in life. Here at Tutor Doctor, we take away the stress of finding a tutor and support your student and family every step of the way.

As a parent who wants the best for your student, you know when one-size-fits-all education is missing the mark. You want something better, something unique to help your student overcome what’s standing in their way. Our local tutoring services include private tuition at home and online tutoring for children and adults.

We take the time to understand the way students learn, and adapt our techniques to coincide with their needs. This enables us to build a uniquely holistic approach to furthering their educational success, one student at a time. Whether they are a teenager trying to get their maths skills to the next level or a young child working on their reading skills, the qualified tutors we work with can provide educational services for all year groups, levels, and subjects—including special needs, adult and University tutoring.

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