Dishonest Customer Service

Without a doubt, this has been the most disappointing encounter with customer service I’ve ever had. Nine weeks ago, I entrusted my phone for a screen repair, opting for a genuine original parts new screen at the cost of £250, ensuring quality. A week later, I received my phone back, only to find myself staring at the poorest quality imitation screen imaginable. Not only was it physically smaller than the original, but it also featured a conspicuous black circle obstructing part of the display and boasted a glaring contrast with no option for sunlight adjustment.
Upon expressing my dissatisfaction, the owner attempted to deflect blame with a litany of excuses, citing a purported chip on the motherboard requiring replacement and the supposed tendency of screens to shrink during fitting. Needless to say, these explanations held no merit, as it became evident that the owner had simply installed a cheap third-party screen sourced from eBay in hopes of cutting corners unnoticed.
What followed were five additional attempts at repair over the span of ten weeks. While the phone eventually returned with a new screen, it promptly malfunctioned within three days. Astonishingly, I was then informed that I bore responsibility for this issue and would be required to fork out an additional £190 for repairs.
Frustrated by this blatant disregard for honesty and integrity, I’ve resorted to initiating a small claims process through the courts to reclaim my funds. My advice to others: steer clear of this establishment at all costs. The entire experience reeked of deceit and misdirection from the outset.