Ice N Treats by Steve

Posted on 30 January 2024

Inspired by my mums love for everything sweet, whether that was ice creams, candyfloss, fudge or sweets.  Following her death in 2020, I decided to follow her passion and create Ice N Treats by Steve.  

We provide all manner of sweet treats for any celebration, event, or just because you want to eat it.  We also hire out our equipment, all named after mum;

SPARROW – Our candyfloss machine

IRIS – Our Ice cream van.

Sylvia – Our sweet cart.


We provide a range of pick n mix sweet treats, from your regular American hard gums, bon bons, UFO’s, to Toxic waste, Brain blasters, or retro sweets.  With over 40 flavoured fudges and over 100 candyfloss flavours, no treat is out of reach.  We can provide personalised gift boxes, for any occasion, alongside sweet bags for parties.  These can be a mix of sweets, chocolates, or any other treats, themed and personalised.

As one of the main product providers for Cocktails and Candyfloss, we are also able to supply companies with a range of sweet treats.

Cold, Sour or Sweet. its always a Treat


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    Astor Court, Brandon